MFA (1995) University of Washington                   BFA (1992) Virginia Commonwealth University

The core of my own work is based in ceramic sculpture, although I work with a variety of materials, preferring to let the concept dictate my choice of media and format.  During the past several years, I have been producing sculptures and installations and which utilize hundreds of bound & tied linear ceramic forms, and shifting lighting conditions allowing shadows to mark the wall and become an extension of the work.  My process is labor intensive, borderline meditative, as I work with multiple parts, combining each to create a new landscape or unforeseen arrangement.  Most recently, I have been working in photography to make large scale digital prints of staged shadow imprints which I refer to as shadow drawings.  These photographs along with my sculptures are purposefully ambiguous. I want for the viewer to question the material that was used to create the works and also question the abstraction and its reference to nature and utilitarian forms. It is my intention to engage the viewer with the work in hopes of revealing a personal association and new discovery.